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Please check the FAQs below to see if the question you have has been answered.

Please direct any other enquires to [email protected]

If you are inquiring about the status of an order, in the subject, please put ORDER INQUIRY and the Country you are writing from, eg: ORDER INQUIRY USA etc

If you are having problems with a download code, please make sure you are visiting to redeem.

A note regarding demo submissions: Beggars Group as a whole/parent company does not accept demo submissions. Matador, XL and Young do not accept unsolicited demos. For details (if available) about how send your music to our labels that do accept them, please click the following links:

Rough Trade:


Are you hiring?

Click here to see if we have any open positions. If we do, they would only be in our London or NYC offices.

Do you offer internships/work experience?

Not at this time, but keep an eye on our jobs page for occasional opportunities.

I just opened a store. How do I get stock?

It depends what country you are in.

USA: You have a couple of options.

• You could open an account with our distributor, RedEye, and have the option to get stock from us, and many other fine independent labels.

• You could open a direct account with us via our Sales Reps at Matador Direct

UK/EU: please email [email protected] for information

REST OF THE WORLD: please contact us directly to discuss your options [email protected]

Can you sign my band? Can I send you my demo?

We have several labels under the Beggars Group umbrella. Please do your research and see which label might suit your music best. Each label has their own A&R teams, and you can click these links to read their individual policies if they are posted. Matador, XL and Young do not accept unsolicited demos.

Rough Trade:

Someone from one of your labels reached out to me on Instagram/tiktok/facebook/twitter/discord and said they like my music and I should….

  • send them money to take my career to the next level
  • meet them at a hotel to sign a recording contract
  • pay an A&R fee to allow them to listen


Sorry, no. Please beware of scams from people purporting to work for us, have access to our staff and manage our studio spaces. We would never ask anyone to pay money to submit music or to work with us. In short, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Please forward any scams of this sort to [email protected]

I would like to use one of your artists music in my movie/commercial/student film/tv show/video game. How can I do that?

Please send an email to [email protected] to begin the process to license the master recording rights. In addition to obtaining a master use license from us, you are also required to obtain a synchronization license from the publisher of the song before using it in your project. Publisher information for a song can generally be found by doing a title search on or

Why did you issue me a takedown notice?

Where Beggars has licensed the UGC platform, as a general rule Beggars permits the non-commercial usage of the group’s recordings in non-commercial User Generated Content on such licensed platforms, subject to Beggars being able to claim its rights in the UGC on the relevant platform and subject to any concerns our artists may have.

When you use music in user-generated content, your upload can be subject to monetization claims. This means that the rights holders have the right to claim their rights in your uploads and get paid revenue generated by ads served against your upload.  If these claims are disputed by you when you do not have the rights then it could end up with the piece of UGC being taken down.

Beggars reserves the right to apply a block policy on selected tracks and/or issue a DMCA takedown notice if you have failed to obtain an appropriate licence and / or claim ownership of any rights that we manage.

Some common misconceptions we see are:

  • When buying a song or an album, you’re gaining access to listen to those recordings but no rights over the master are passed on to you as a user.
  • Fair Use is a specific legal term that applies to some specific use cases, including music in your video is most commonly not Fair Use, we recommend taking legal advice before claiming that your UGC is covered under Fair Use policies

If you have any queries about claims on your UGC please contact [email protected] and we will try to assist

Wait! You didn’t answer my question.

Sorry! Please email [email protected] and we will do our best.