A Message from our founder Martin Mills on Covid 19.

Strange days have found us, and strange days have tracked us down……

Beggars has now successfully completed an almost unimaginable shift in operations, and a successful first week or so of WFH ( whatever happened to WTF ? ) It’s almost incredible that we have transitioned overnight to a 180 remote working environment. Enormous thanks are due to everyone involved in Escape from Alma and Grand.

I wanted to make clear our position on a number of important matters for our staff, artists, and friends.

1. Your health is paramount. You know what to do.

2. The jobs and incomes of our staff are not at risk, nor are the financial commitments we have to our artists. The vast majority of royalties due at the end of this month have already been paid out, and the rest will be paid by then. It is business as usual financially. We have the resources and reserves to ride this out.

3. The company must continue to operate as efficiently, productively and creatively as possible. We need to be, and we already are, communicating better than ever to develop innovative campaigns to support our artists releasing their work into these strange days. WFH, as many of us have discovered this week, is even more work than WFO !

4. We need to support our community. We are fortunate in that the majority of our business is digital, which should survive and hopefully thrive in these times. We think our overall business could be as much as 30% down, and we can handle that. Others will be 100% down. Think about those whose livelihoods have disappeared – our artists’ road crew, for example. Your local bar or restaurant, record store or venue. There will be plenty of opportunities to support such friends and colleagues in the coming weeks, with monies you’re not spending on socialising. Please do so. If you see opportunities for the company to do so, please tell us. We’re already having those conversations with some of our artists, and have made a significant contribution to the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project that supports MusiCares efforts, where all donations will be matched by Spotify.

5. Stay ( virtually ) close to eachother. I don’t want to be trite, but we are a family- a family of 500 staff and current artists, and indirectly many, many times that. I love the idea that the Pint Club has gone virtual. I hear rumours of a Martini Club in New York, and am jealous.

We need the world which comes out of this to be one that we can love. Please do what you can to get us there. And stay healthy.