Redeye Signs U.S. Distribution Deal with The Beggars Group, Domino Recording Co. and Saddle Creek

Hillsborough, NC (January 6, 2020) – Redeye, the North Carolina-based leading North American independent distributor, today announces new U.S. distribution deals for physical products with The Beggars Group, Domino Recording Co. and Saddle Creek effective January 1, 2020.

Forthcoming titles in the new deal include Grimes Miss Anthropocene (4AD), Pinegrove Marigold (Rough Trade), Dan Deacon Mystic Familiar (Domino), and Frances Quinlan Likewise (Saddle Creek).

“Redeye prides itself on our relationships with our customers and label partners,” says Glenn Dicker, co-founder of Redeye. “Over the years, we have looked at the Beggars Group as the gold standard of what could be achieved by an independent company with hard work and dedication to artists and music. Additionally, Domino and Saddle Creek are among the many great labels we’ve stayed connected to over the years so we’re proud to now have them all as part of the family.”

“Historically, independent labels have always seen getting records into stores as the first business decision they need to make.“ says Martin Mills, Beggars Chairman. “But now that physical is such a small and decreasing part of the majors’ business, for indies, to whom physical, and especially vinyl, is so much more important, to partner with the majors for distribution has become arguably anachronistic. Beggars works with great, fully independent distributors everywhere else in the world, and believes in bringing the advantages of our scale to the sector; and much as we’re sorry to leave ADA, with whom we’ve had incredible success, we’re very happy to be fully independently distributed at last in the USA.”

“As George Harrison once sang, ‘All Things Must Pass,’ adds Matt Harmon, Beggars President. “While our relationship with ADA has ended, we leave with feelings of close camaraderie and the memories of so many impossible successes that we have shared over the last 20+ years. At the same time, we are massively excited for our relationship with our new physical distribution partner Redeye. Their enthusiasm for the music is infectious. We look forward to working together to bring that music to the fans for years to come.”

“It’s been impressive to watch how Glenn Dicker, Tor Hansen, and the Redeye team have grown the company over the past decade,” says Kris Gillespie, Domino Managing Director, “and we’re very excited to be starting the new one with them as our distribution partner.”

“Redeye feels like the right place for us to be,” says Robb Nansel of Saddle Creek. “With a staff that is clearly made up of music fans and creators, we are excited to be a part of the independent community at Redeye and we look forward to growing together in the future.”

About Redeye
Founded 1996, Redeye has grown into one of the most respected digital and physical distribution companies in the world. Charting a course of steady, sustainable growth by developing a strong worldwide physical and digital distribution network, Redeye provides a multitude of services to its partners. Inspired by a relentless passion for music, Redeye connects independent artists and labels to an expanding global marketplace through extraordinary customer service and sales and marketing expertise. Redeye is represented worldwide with offices in more than 13 cities, including New York, London, Toronto, Berlin and Sydney and has its home office and warehouse in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

About The Beggars Group
The Beggars Group is one of the world’s largest and well-respected label groups, and is completely independent. It was founded by Martin Mills in 1977 and he remains Chairman of the group. Over the years, many of the world’s most respected labels have joined the fold and today it is home to 4AD, Matador Records, Rough Trade, Young Turks and XL Recordings. Artists signed to the group’s labels over the years such as Radiohead, FKA Twigs, Adele, Kurt Vile, Queens of the Stone Age, The National, The xx, The Libertines, Pixies, Cocteau Twins, Prodigy and more have achieved both widespread critical acclaim and commercial success.

The Beggars Group is based in London and has multiple offices in Europe, Canada and Asia in addition to their US headquarters in New York City. There is also an office in Los Angeles, CA and a Matador office in Austin, Texas. Beggars has been a pioneer in the digital world and had its catalogue available digitally before the end of the last century. It self-distributes digitally and to USA indie stores, and has been instrumental in the founding and success of Merlin, A2IM, and other collective independent organizations.

About Domino Recordings Co.
Domino Recording Co. was founded in the UK in 1993 by Laurence Bell, who is still the primary creative force. Initially focused on releasing singles and albums by American artists in the UK (including Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Sebadoh), the label has expanded over the past decade to include offices in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris and Sydney and has had considerable worldwide success, both commercial and artistic, with acts as diverse as Arctic Monkeys, Blood Orange, Animal Collective, Franz Ferdinand, Dirty Projectors, Real Estate, Superorganism, The Kills, and Jon Hopkins to name a few.

About Saddle Creek
Saddle Creek was founded in Omaha, NE in 1993 to shine a spotlight on the burgeoning music scene that was developing in eastern Nebraska. Successful early releases from Bright Eyes, Cursive, and The Faint catapulted the record label onto an international stage that resulted in over two decades of growth and expansion. Saddle Creek continues to support musicians that we believe have the authenticity and talent to captivate and transform culture at large. We pride ourselves on creating an independent, artist-friendly environment by championing creative control and acting in the best interests of our partners. Recent releases from Hand Habits, Hop Along, Sam Evian, Tomberlin and more continue to expand the cultural footprint of the label.

Saddle Creek is based in Omaha and has staff in Los Angeles (CA), Seattle (WA), Austin (TX), and Glasgow, Scotland (UK).