HIRING: Publicity and Label Coordinator - Matador Records - NEW YORK, NY 3 May 2022

Job Summary:
The Publicity and Label Coordinator oversees US tour press for Matador artists, and helps the US and UK Heads of PR with publicity-related administrative and database tasks. In addition, the role supports US label staff, in particular the Creative & Marketing Manager and the Operations and Socials Manager.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Oversees tour publicity for Matador artists and coordinates respective logistics, ensure clear and effective communication with internal team members and external contacts
• Coordinates with label PMs and artist teams on press guestlists for shows and events
• Drafts and collates the weekly label publicity updates, ensuring the inclusion and structuring of all links to timely and relevant press placements and opportunities
• Assists UK Director of Publicity and label Creative & Marketing Manager in the creation and dissemination of press materials including bios, photos, press kits, quote sheets
• Contributes publicity/press opportunities (articles/social media content nuggets) to be used for social media posts from label social accounts
• Maintains press and media contacts on behalf of the label
• Handles inbound press requests, proactively relaying to management and responding to managers/media contacts for basic press needs from various outlets
• Ensures clear communication and acts as the point of contact between internal label...