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Press release: 2019 Libera Award winners21 June 2019

The 2019 Libera Awards were quite rewarding for us! We had the pleasure of taking home several awards including album of the year. Read all about it at Billboard!

Best Jazz Album – Kamasi Washington – ‘Heaven and Earth’ – Young Turks
Best Re-Issue – Pixies – ‘Come On Pilgrim…It’s Surfer Rosa’ – 4AD
Creative Packaging – Kamasi Washington – ‘Heaven and Earth’ – Young Turks
Album of the Year – Kamasi Washington – ‘Heaven and Earth’ – Young Turks


Press release: Indie Power Players 2019!20 June 2019

Congrats to our Billboard “Indie Power Players”!

-Patrick Amory, Gerard Cosloy and Chris Lombardi of Matador Records
-Nabil Ayers and Simon Halliday from 4AD
-Matt Harmon, Miwa Okumura and Gabe Spierer, Beggars Group staff
-Martin Mills – Beggars Group founder + chairman


Press release: What happened last week (ending June 7th)10 June 2019

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Small Mercies, the latest record by the singularly idiosyncratic artist Pixx, is out now via 4AD. Hannah Rodgers’s second studio record is a series of poetic examinations of love across the experiential spectrum, set to a soundtrack that mixes electronic pop and grungy guitar rock with aplomb.

Small Mercies follows the 24 year-old’s debut album, The Age Of Anxiety (2017) – an unsettling synth-pop record fueled by Pixx’s own debilitating experience of angst – and 2015’s forlorn and folk-edged Fall In EP. Co-produced by Simon Byrt (who worked on both her EP and debut album) and Dan Carey, it sees Pixx assuming different personas to examine the damage done by religion, gender-based power hierarchies and stereotypes, the tipping point of Earth’s destruction and love.

“Pixx digs deeper...