Matador Records year-end far!

KURT VILE b'lieve i'm goin down...
NPR's Favorite Songs of 2015 (on "Pretty Pimpin") "The wordplay and phrasing in this song completely hooked me from the start"
#13 Paste Magazine
#15 Urban Outfitters

#2 Paste Magazine (best new bands of 2015) "[His lyrics] reveal a great talent, one we can’t wait to follow into adulthood."
#2 Esquire (overlooked songs of 2015) "get jolted by the same kind of raw post-adolescent fuck-up energy that's powered every good snotty rock band from the Kinks to the Replacements"
#4 Newsweek "Teens of Style could make anyone just now tuning in feel foolish for ignoring CSH for so long"
#7 American Songwriters (best song) "understands that there’s something deeper and darker motivating his generation"
Honorable Mention - Pitchfork on Teens of Style "explores the ways that our favorite music and our biggest heroes can serve as conduits to the larger world, and Toledo sings like he can’t wait to provide that experience for others"
NPR's Favorite Songs of 2015 (on "Something Soon") "What begins as an exploration of Will Toledo's neuroses builds to a fist-in-the-air anthem to conquer all"

#24 Entertainment Weekly "invigorating debut excavated a huge patch of sonic ruins, vibrant enough to be curious about answers but willing to burn the whole thing down if necessary"

SAVAGES Adore Life (out January 22)
#86 Pitchfork (Best Songs of the Year) "[The band] lock into the song's high-friction riff in a mode that's way too rare these days"

#2 Urban Outfitters "vocals that make even the saddest subjects sound light-hearted and the light-hearted ones seem absolutely tragic"
#8 Time Out New York "deceptively simple arrangements and lovelorn pleas creep into your psyche"

BELLE & SEBASTIAN Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance
NPR's Favorite Songs of 2015 (on "The Party Line") "locates the conformity jitters buzzing within disco's seductive sparkle"