West Coast US Office

We are pleased to announce that our West Coast US office is now fully functional. It comes after Matador founder Chris Lombardi and several key Beggars staff relocated from New York to Los Angeles last July. Having completed a long search, they finally found a permanent home for the new office in the Silver Lake area to compliment our other office in New York.

The Los Angeles office is being headed up by Miwa Okumura, Beggars’ Sr. VP West Coast Operations and Licensing. “With XL’s London office as the model,” says Okumura, “I have found the right space where our artists, staff, and visitors will feel comfortable and inspired. It took some time but the search has paid off.”

Beggars Group Chairman Martin Mills stated: “It’s a natural step in the continuing growth of our business in the USA to open a west coast office – whereas the heart of our American operation is in New York, there’s a lot going on musically in California right now, and it makes sense to be present to connect with music people there.”

The office was formally opened last week before the Coachella festival started.