Mark E. Smith

The Beggars Group is gutted to hear about the passing of the legendary Mark E. Smith. Over the years, our labels released several albums by The Fall. Martin Mills, Founder and Chairman of The Beggars Group said “Mark was the most inspiringly and challengingly unique artist. We’ll treasure forever the incredible albums he made with us.” Beggars Banquet released some of their most legendary and classic albums for six years in the mid-80s.

Some of their first releases were on Rough Trade Records. Geoff Travis, the labels’ founder said “We are proud to have worked with The immortal Fall.”

Matador Records worked with The Fall in the early 90s. Co-owner Chris Lombardi said “Mark was a great genius. I will always have interesting and amusing memories of him. Working together was an honor and an experience I shall never forget.”

The prolific body of work he has left with the world will continue to influence and inspire artists as it has for the last 39 years.

We send our condolences to Mark’s family and friends.